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Soca Is Yours logoThe musical genre known as Soca will be made known to the world very soon, it’s only a matter of time.

That’s the belief of a group of Caribbean natives based in New York who’ve come up with a plan to utilize the World Wide Web to promote and market the genre and the artistes who make it what it is.

Soca Is Yours is not only the theme of the team’s general mission but it’s also the name of the Facebook page and Twitter account that facilitates budding soca acts and their music on a daily basis.

It’s a theme that the group believe in and plan on assuring people from every corner of the world, of.

George Luke, co-founder of the effort, says Team Soca Is Yours will provide that necessary support and the extra push that most budding entertainers of the soca music industry, truly need.

“The artistes we’ve been coming into contact with are from many places across the world and they all sing some type of Soca music,” he said, adding that the music varies to a great extent but because of the beats and melodies, every song they receive and promote, is certainly soca music.

“We’ve received emails from artistes- relatively unknown artistes, from around the world- places like Germany and Puerto Rico, who are taking advantage of what we’re doing,” said Luke.

He said beyond this particular initiative, his team, which also consists of social media manager, Jameel Smith of DR Bean Sounds and German based DJ and co-founder of the initiative, Heldge Nightliva, are using the tools available to them, to make the project an all-round success.